Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 86 – Reading & Speaking – Starting on The Path to Success (Patreon Exclusive

Super excited about this one. The extended podcast is in my Patreon. For those of you don’t know, I have a 10$ a month Patreon badge that provides exclusive content, videos, coaching and other things, so if you’re interested in enhancing your English language skills more, please inquire!

With that being said, let’s do a little talking and speaking about The Path to Success!

Teaser Paragraph

It once took a company a long time to be worth a billion dollars. Today dozens of tech start-ups are achieving this level of economic success within their first five years. While successful tech start-ups have the ability to change traditional industries, many are still not successful. Companies should focus on easy access, the use of free content, creating a product people need, and the time it takes to be so successful.

The rest of the story is on my patreon!

Skillful R/W 2
  1. Access
  2. Adapt
  3. Business model
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Existing
  6. Make Decisions
  7. Start-up

a to change your ideas or behavior so that you can deal with a new situation

b someone who uses money to start businesses

c a small new company

d already present

e to choose options after thinking carefully

f the way a company is structured to operate

g the way people reach or buy a product


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