Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – Freewriting/Freespeaking – Social Media

Welcome back, everyone! Because my last video was such a big hit, here is a nice freewriting and speaking task for you guys! Would love to hear some of your opinions on these topics, but let’s look at some.

  1. Social media is good for younger and older people.
  2. Social media means people spend more time on their own.
  3. Social media lets younger people socialize.
  4. Social media makes people feel bad when they compare themselves to other people.
  5. Social media makes us want everything now.
  6. Social media makes us have false friends.

Freewriting a number

In my opinion, social media makes us want everything now, resulting in depression. Let me give you some examples. When I see Instagram-scrollers on the public transportation system, they’re sending signals to their brain (and the imaginative side) such as “I wish I had this, the relationship, the car, the jewelry, etc. We’re constantly in a state of “wanting” rather than a state of gratitude. Being grateful for what we have in the moment and not constantly wanting the materialistic things we see on social media.

Here are some other ways down below in my podcast….


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