Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 89 – Listening II – Building For The Future

Here’s the second listening in back-to-back days! Hope you guys enjoy this one, and make sure you’re tuned into my patreon for additional material and questions!

everyone needs a place to live. One challenge for the twenty-first century is to design housing to meet a growing need. With a friend, discuss the issues that some architects may face: cost, demand, energy use, limited global resources, population increase, sustainability.

Global Listening

Listening for structure signals that connect ideas.

A presentation may have several subtopics, which contribute information to help you to understand the main topic. At the beginning of the presentation, the speaker often presents the main topic and the subtopics so that you will know how the presentation is organized.

Today we’re talking about…..(main topic)

We’re going to focus on….(sub topic)

To make a transition from one subtopic to the next, ths speaker will often use phrases such as: regarding, as for, turning to, another important consideration. Paying attention to these phrases will help you know when the speaker is moving from one subtopic to the next.

  1. Read the prhases below. Listen to the lecture in my podcast down below and match the phrases with the subtopics they connect.
  • Regarding the…
  • With this in mind…
  • Now let’s look at…
  • Taking that into consideration…
  1. Currently challenge –> the trend of “green buildings”
  2. Overview of presentation –_ the principles of green building
  3. Principles of green building –> energy use
  4. New “green” constructions –> building reuse.


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