Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 91 – Vocabulary Skill – Learning Word Families After Listening

Welcome back to another podcast on word families! This has been requested by a many of my students, and it’s always good to dive back into these types of podcasts, just to refresh the memory. So, here we go!

When you learn a new vocabulary word, you can increase your vocabulary further by learning the other parts of speech related to the world.

recyclerecycler recyclingrecycled

Complete each group of sentences with the correct form of the word.

generous generosity

  1. The family was very __________. Their ___________ enabled the community to have enough money to build a sports complex.

survive survivor survival

2. after the accident, there was only one _____________. The doctors were amazed he was able to ____________ for hours before help came.

sustain sustainer sustainability

3. As the world population increases, it will become more difficult for everyone. In fact, ___________ has become a concern for many people.

recycle recycler recycling recycled

4. Using ____________ building materials is a good way to save limited resources. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to ___________ materials. However, the number of ____________ companies is increasing as people worldwide become aware of the need to be environmentally responsible.

Find the other forms of the words down below. with a partner, say sentences using the forms of the words.

Reciprocity minimize maximize


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