Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 96 – Developing Writing – Describing a Place (Two-Part Patreon)

Welcome back to another Developing Writing segment! This is going to be a two-part Patreon special, so in the part that’s available to the general public, there will be lots of speaking and vocabulary development. If you want the writing bank and the layout of how to write about a place, you’ll have to tune into my patreon in the links down below! Enjoy!


  1. Choose three cities in the photos. Which would you prefer to live in and why?
  2. What factors do you think decide the quality of life in a city?
  3. Which cities in the world do you imagine offer the best quality of life? Choose five and discuss the reasons.

Each year a consulting company called Mercer ranks cities around the world according to the quality of living of the inhabitants. The living conditions are analyzed according to different factors grouped into these ten categories:

1. Political and social environment

2. Economic environment

3. Health and sanitation

4. Socio-cultural environment

5. Schools and education

6. Public services and transportation

7. Recreation

8. Consumer goods

9. Housing

10. Natural environment

These were the results of 2014….

  • Vienna
  • Zurich
  • Auckland
  • Munich
  • Vancouver
  • Dusseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Geneva
  • Copenhagen
  • Bern, Switzerland


Here are so vocabulary terms describing cities and towns: Atmospheric, bustling, cosmopolitan, crowded, filthy, hilly, historic, industrial, isolated, magnificent, picturesque, quaint, renowned for, run-down, shabby, spotless, sprawling, steeped in, thriving, touristy, vibrant, welcoming, well-connected, well-off

  1. interesting or attraction with a slightly strange and old-fashioned quality.
  2. full of noise and activity in a pleasant and interesting way
  3. friendly and pleasant, especially to someone who has just arrived at a place.
  4. build over a wide area in a way that is not carefully planned, and maybe ugly
  5. in bad condition because no-one has spend money on repairs
  6. where people from many different countries and cultures live
  7. having a lot of particular qualities or things
  8. famous/well-known for…

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