Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 95 – Pronunciation – Question Intonation

We’re back with another minor snippet of what’s to come! Love doing pronunciation podcasts, and remember, all of this will be implemented into a video course, so stay tuned!

The intonation you use lets others know if you are making a statement or asking a question.

Use the falling intonation

  • for wh- Qs: Where would you like to live?
  • to indicate a choice between two things:

Do you want to use wood or stone for the house?

Use rising intonation

  • for Yes/No questions: Are you interested in green building design?
  • to change a statement to a question without changing the word order. This is often used to show surprise or shock:

You don’t think saving energy is important? (That’s hard to believe!)

Listen to the sentences in the podcast.

  1. Is the building design for a hotel or a school?
  2. You would live in a house that re-used water from the washing machine?
  3. In the design, do the windows face north, or south?
  4. She really gave away that much money?
  5. Are you planning to do that by yourself?

Work with a partner. Practice the conversations with correct intonation.

1: A – Do you want me to help you move furniture? It looks heavy.

B – You would help me do that? That would be great.

2. A – I ran 20 kilometers yesterday at the park.

B – You ran 20 kilometers? I could NEVER do that.

3. A – Would you prefer to live in a warm climate or a cold climate?

B – A warm climate. Wouldn’t like cold winters.


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