Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 97 – Vocabulary – Advertising & Selling

Welcome back to some more vocabulary development! I love this, because many of these vocabulary terms are colloquial: things that we say on a daily basis. So, enjoy these definitions, expressions, and make sure you hear all the examples in my podcast down below!

  1. They launch a marketing campaign on TV.
  2. They give away freebies.
  3. They make cold calls.
  4. The get a celebrity to endorse their product.
  5. They change the brand name or logo.
  6. They put posters on billboards in streets.
  7. They use word-of-mouth publicity.
  8. They use banners and online videos.
  • the name that a company chooses for its particular product or group of products
  • an advertisement on a website
  • things given to you that you don’t have to pay for
  • people talking to each other about and recommending a product
  • unexpected phone calls or visits by someone trying to sell you something
  • say in public or in an ad that you like a product
  • large boards used for advertisements in an outside public place
  • make public a series of things such as adverts or commercials that try to persuade a person to buy a product.

Which three methods of advertising products do you think are the most effective? Which one do you think is the least effective?


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