Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: TOEFL Idioms – Part X

We’re back with another fantastic TOEFL idioms segment. Everything will resume beginning tomorrow, and my website is back to what it used to be, so things are available again!

hand in – submit, turn in.

Students must hand in their assignment before the deadline in order to receive full credit.

hang up – end a telephone conversation.

After she hung up, Martha realised that she had forgotten invite Wendy to her party.

have a good time – enjoy oneself.

Bob and Carrie had such a good time in Los Angeles that they decided to go there again next summer.

have (someone) do (something) – make (someone) do (something); cause (someone) to do (something).

Peter had his children help him paint the house.

have in mind – plan, intend.

What exactly did you have in mind for dinner?

have over – invite.

Let’s have Mark over this Saturday; we haven’t seen him in three weeks.

hear from – (1) receive a letter or a phone call from.

Mary hasn’t heard from Sue since Sue moved to Wisconsin.

(2) receive information from someone about someone else. Frank heard from Diane that Professor Green is planning to retire.

How come? – why? (an expression of surprise or questioning)

How come you decided to take that job in Washington? I thought you liked your current job.


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