Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Lenita of Australia

OMG! What a joy of a human being Lenita is. JUST TOO MUCH FUN!

If you guys don’t already know, I lived in Australia for a year from 2011-2012. Did I immerse myself into the Aussie experience? No. I lived with Bulgarians, Colombians and Mauritians….and I’m not taking away the challenges I had with them (excluding the Bulgarian). However, at one moment, I lived with an Aussie guy who was FUNNY! Computer programmer and everything…and guess what, he ended up being the best housemate I had, not to mention having the best night out with him in my 360 days in the country.

I didn’t regret the challenges I had because it was absolutely needed for me to be able to adapt to this society in Thailand. When I went back to Australia for vacation in 2015, I had an unbelievable BLAST because I was FINALLY MYSELF!

So, this podcast was me going back down a road I hadn’t been in ages. Lenita talked about slang, reductions, and crazy things that Aussies say. She also talked about shady places in specific areas of Sydney, the beef between Melbourne and Sydney, and much more. This is was just so much fun, so the YouTube video and podcast is available down below for you guys!


Lenita Podcast


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