Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 109 – Developing Writing – A Report (Patreon Special)

We’re back with some more developing writing! Now, because this is a report, this will be separated into two: regular version and patreon special version. For those of you on my Patreon silver badge, you will see how to write a report, vocabulary, and the complete form.

In this regular version, there will be speaking questions, as well as me describing the report between advertising and teenagers in a respective country.

In addition to that, a little determiner and quantifier section as an additional task. Here we go!


  1. Do you think that advertising generally has a positive or a negative effect on society? Why?
  2. Do you think young people are more at risk from advertising? Why/why not?
  3. Do you think there is too much or not enough control on advertising? Why?

Read this task. Decide what title you could give to each section of the report.

A large multinational company is interested in knowing how young people feel about advertising in your country. Please help us by writing a report which should….

  • outline what media are most commonly used for advertising to young people
  • describe the main positive and negative aspects of advertising in your country
  • suggest what could be done to improve the approach to advertising in your country

The purpose of this report is to outline the most common media used for advertising to teenagers in my country and detail the major positive and negative aspects of advertising. I will also suggest ways to improving advertising here.

Advertising aimed at teenagers has traditionally been in the form of TV commercials. Nowadays, a considerable number of teenagers watch TV online, mobile devices, or pre-recorded on digital video recorders, which means that they can avoid seeing commercials. Consequently, it will come as no surprise that many companies are changing their strategy and now place their products directly in TV programmes or in video games.

Social marketing is common. Most teenagers if not all, use social media and advertisements appear on those sites, although in reality few pay attention to them. At the same time, mobile phone advertising is increasing.

While many teenagers have become resistant to advertising, some adverts still grab our attention by being funny or original. Advertisements which provide information, or which show us products that we are genuinely interested in, are considered useful. However, a major criticism of adverts is that they produce unreal expectations in young people. Every advertisement shows a slim and attractive person. Moreover, each of the situations they appear in suggests that the way you look is important. This leads to teengagers to become obssessed with their weight or appearance.

To avoid the negative impact of advertising on teenagers, I strongly recommend that advertisers include more normal, everyday teenagers in their ads. This would help stop teenagers trying to achieve an unnatural perfection, something which can easily lead to depression.

Gateway B2+

Determiners & Quantifiers

Read sentences a-h and decide if statements 1-7 are True or False

a Every actor is always slim and beautiful.

b Each of the situations shown gives the impression that appearance is everything.

c A considerable number of teenagers watch two or more hours on TV a day.

d That will come as no surprise.

e Most adverts grab our attention by being funny.

f Not all of the ads are good.

g None show normaly teenagers.

h None of the sactors look like you or me.

  1. Every and each are used with singular, countable nouns.
  2. Each of and every one of go with plural countable nouns.
  3. A number of goes with singular countable nouns.
  4. No can go with uncountable, singular countable or plural countable nouns.
  5. All, all of, most, most of can go with uncountable, singular countable or plural countable nouns.
  6. None is a pronoun and so does not go with a noun.
  7. None of can go with uncountable or plural countable nouns.



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