Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 110 – Vocabulary – Compound Adjectives – Parts of The Body

There’s nothing like compound adjectives! Here are some more, and some are hyphenated; others are not. Be careful how to use them, as well as some great speaking in the podcast!

  1. Soul-
  2. Heart-
  3. Heart
  4. Hair-
  5. break
  6. ear-
  7. eye-
  8. nail-
  9. eye-
  10. mind-

a blowing

b raising

c warming

d biting

e stopping

f destroying

g opening

h catching

i splitting

j neck

  • making you feel happy, usually because other people are being kind
  • attractive or unusual and therefore noticed
  • used to describe a situation that makes you very unhappy because you think it will never improve
  • used to describe a situation that makes you very excited, worried, or tense
  • extremely impressive, exciting or shocking (informal)
  • very frightening
  • very frightening, but often exciting at the same time
  • very fast, at ____________ speed
  • used to describe a situation that shows you something surprising that you didn’t know before
  • very loud

Have you ever traveled at break________speed? When?

Have you ever witnessed a ___________warming scene? What happened?

What’s the most ___________-splitting sound you’ve ever heard?

What’s the most __________-raising thing you’ve ever done?

What’s the most ___________-blowing film you’ve ever seen?

What’s the most ___________-biting sports even that you’ve seen?


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