Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 115 – Grammar – Making & Modifying Comparisons

We’re back! It’s been a while since I’ve posted some blogs, but here are the rules, as promised!

We use less with uncountable nouns and fewer with countable nouns.

We have less money than before. We have fewer chances of success.

We use as…as to say two things are the same. We use not as….as or not so….as to say that the second person or thing is more….than the first one.

Playing tennis isn’t so expensive as paragliding.

We use (not) the same… to compare nouns.

This sport doesn’t offer the same excitement as motor racing.

We use double comparatives (more and more, bigger and bigger, more and more important) to talk about continuing changes.

She’s getting more and more tired.

She’s getting taller and taller.

we use The + comparative, the + comparative to talk about two things that happen together.

The faster I run, the more tired I feel.

The harder you study, the better your results.

Modifying Comparisons

We can use these words and expressions to modify basic comparatives: slightly, a bit, a lot, a great deal, much, far, twice/three times…

He’s far better at tennis than me.

We can use these words and expressions to modify superlatives: by far, easily, by a long way.

She’s by far the best athlete in the world right now.

We can use these words and expressions to modify (not) as….as: quite, nearly, almost, just, twice/three times, nowhere near, nothing like

She’s not nearly as careful as me.


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