Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 120 – Grammar – Articles II

We’re back with some more article usage and exercises!

We do not use an article with school, university, hospital, college, prison, church, when we talk about what these places are for.

My sister is at university. = She’s a student, not there right now.

We use the with school, university, hospital, college, prison, church when we talk about the physical buildings.

Builders are doing work at the university.

Task – Add “the” to these sentences where necessary.

  1. They put him in ________ prison for stealing funds.
  2. Do you know the way to ___________ university?
  3. I’ve never been in ___________hospital for anything.
  4. I’ve heard builders are doing work at ___________ college.
  5. When I leave __________ school, I want to go to college to do a course in tourism.
  6. We bought some flowers on our way to __________ hospital to visit our cousin.

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