Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 121 – Developing Vocabulary – Verb-Noun Collocations

I got great reviews from my raving fans about putting small exercises on my Instagram and facebook page, so here are some more verb-noun collocations.

  1. Embark on
  2. gain
  3. overcome
  4. experience
  5. take up
  6. undertake
  • adversity, fear, obstacle, resistance, problem, setback
  • Career, hobby, post, position
  • career, course, project, venture
  • confidence, insight, knowledge, experience, qualification, understanding
  • problem, situation, pain, change
  • investigation, study, survey, task, analysis

Answers in podcast

Use collocations from above to rewrite the underlined section in each sentence. You may need to add other words, too.

  1. I have too much free time. I should start a new pasttime. take up a new hobby
  2. He started working as a journalist.
  3. We need to ask people their opinions of the product.
  4. She’s becoming more and more sure of herself each day.
  5. I’ve dealt successfully with lots of negative issues since I started working here.
  6. We began to understand how a company works.
  7. He began to work as a manager of the company in 2012.
  8. I never want to live through a similar event again.

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