Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 125 – Advantages & Disadvantages of Interning

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Guys, welcome back to another, ESL podcast and man, I’m your crazy ass host as always of the one and only the latte and only Arsenio and today. Oh yeah, we’re talking about possible advantages and disadvantages of the good oh internship. So I got some good, good, good vocabulary terms for you guys. Okay. These are things that you could do in your writing assessments, your writing task or any writing in general. Even if you’re writing blogs, it’s all good to differentiate your wording. Now if you guys have read my blogs before, you have probably have already seen that. Hey. Okay. So, um, with with some of your blogs you use very, very basic language, but then you use very descriptive language when you write your travel blogs yet because there are times that I’m lazy and I don’t want to use language and there are times that I use my language and I showcase my sentences.

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But anyways, with that being said, let’s get into this heavy workload. Okay. Now decide if these are possible advantages or disadvantages. Now, a heavy workload, you can stop the podcast, you can decide advantage, disadvantage. I’ll let you do that for one second. It is a disadvantage. Now, a heavy workload. That means guys, you are given a lot of work. If you’ve seen in any of the movies on Netflix, the series, whatever it may be, the interns, they’re always rudely, they’re always treated so poorly. If you look at Jimmy Fallen, if you look at CNN, Fox News, if you look at any of that, it’s just so disrespectful. So I would tell you, you know, all these late night show hosts, it’s just, I don’t, I don’t appreciate that. I just feel that empathy and happiness and you know, compassion and being grateful for every individual. I don’t care if you’re sitting on your high horse, meaning you think you’re a god because you’re on top of this and you’re a Kosho hose, whatever it may be, you need to show respect on all cylinders.

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And if you don’t do that, just like what Steve Jobs didn’t do, guess what? It’s going to come back and bite you in some of the most egregious ways, meaning horrible ways. So guys, please, if you have a heavy workload and people are giving you so much in, you’re being mistreated. It’s a good opera. It’s a good way to for you to actually just go about your, you know, just find another internship. Remember what I told you about the externship? Right. When I did an externship at the CSN dental faculty practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was working with the doctor by the name. He’s not a doctor, a dentist by the name of Dr. Pierce, and he mistreated me. Okay, now is this because of color? Well, him being an old generation Junky, him being a dentist for over 34 years and being from Utah, the chances of that being, you know, being, you know true, are probably true, but he ended up realizing that I was very good.

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Then he ended up treating me with some respects and he shared some of his stories about, I just didn’t send to Reni, Greece, l sorry, I have my British accent. I don’t know how to do American accents. Anyway, he said he was in Santa Rita, this and that. Guys, I had heavy workloads. Who cares. I’m done with that story. So let’s let Bob that story. Anyway, so here we go. Career advancement. So is this a specific company where you can advance your career based on what you do? This is very important now. Okay. This is something to consider because being a teacher, yes, career advancement, but you have to think way outside the box. You have to drop the discipline like Katrina Glassberg setting. You need to add the mindfulness. You need to become someone of value. Now, being a teacher, there is career advancement. If you stop teaching in a school, right?

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And stop calling yourself just to teach teacher. See, I’m a coach, I’m a trainer. I’m many other things. A lot of people say, are you a teacher? For people who I want them to look at me just as a teacher. Okay, yes, I’m a teacher. That’s all I do. Oh, that’s so sad. Yeah. And I’d tell me about it. They don’t really know what I do. Right. But career advancement is everything. If you enter a company just as you know, a janitor, just like what Les Brown did and he ultimately ended up becoming a dish Dachille and a radio host that’s called career advancement. Although he went in an entry level job where he was just sweeping and mopping floors, he ended up becoming the Jack of all trades in his respective field. Pretty cool. Huh? So insight into how a company works that is very, very, very good.

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Okay. Because that’s very important. Remember I told you work for someone for free or free volunteer for free if you’re young, if you’re 40, Nah, not really. If you can, you can. Okay. But if you cannot and you need that money, all by all means. I used to have a content writer with me by the name of Juwann. She used to get all these different, uh, little internships and whatnot. I’m like, okay, is the internship, but they’re not paying you? No. I’m like, ah, yeah, you are more than capable of doing work outside and you know, get him paid for it. She’s like, I know. I was like, Nah, I think you should turn this down if they’re not going to pay you. You know what I mean? So insight on how a company works, very, very important. But at the same aspect, you need to be paid a what you’re worth.

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Always remember that now long antisocial hours. I’ve never heard of antisocial hours before, but long hours again, that’s not fun. I have a student currently, um, who I’m going to be teaching this morning as a matter of fact, and she has very, she, I told her, I said, if you work for the real estate job, what time do you work? Oh, I work at nine. What time do you finish? Maybe eight. I said, that’s bull. So that’s, that’s terrible hours. Now me, a lot of you would ask me, don’t you do that? Well, I used to do that on the weekends, but now I’m in control of my weekends, which is the best, right? So when I talk about working long hours, um, it’s very, very important to understand that if I’m working long hours, I have breaks in between. So if I work from eight 30 to 1:00 PM okay, finish and then I will work from like one to 3:00 PM five 30.

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Uh, this time I’m, I mean it would just be too much. I remember one time I worked from eight 30 to eight 30 at night. And to be honest with you, was it even worth the money? Absolutely not because that’s when my health deteriorated. So be careful with your health. Be careful with working long hours, especially if you’re just an intern. Mundane tasks. What does mundane tasks mean? This is a disadvantage. Okay. Just as long as antisocial hours are disadvantaged to mundane task or doing the boring things, some people would consider them not to be born. So this, this is what I do. Let me give you an example. And not in terms of internship, but in terms of my clothes, right? I washed my clothes, but I do not iron them. I take them down the street, which I’m going to take them today, uh, right down the street so they can iron them for me.

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Some people would say, how come you don’t hire them? I am not going to waste an entire evening when I can be creating so many different things and establishing relationships, ironing clothes that other people enjoy to do. That’s all. It’s kind of like my friend and I, Luke, Luke, motivational mentors. That’s another podcast I have. By the way, you guys will hear a lot of craziness with me on there. We interview entrepreneurs and amazing mindset coaches around the world, and when it comes to Luke and I, we realize, hey, we’re going to need a VA, a virtual assistant. We found one by the name of Reais sent all the details and whatnot. He said, okay, listen, we’re going to have to delegate these tasks, but we’re going to have to pay for it. And I’m like, okay. I completely understand that. But at the same token, we need to understand that we need to be covering overhead of at least $200 a month to be able to delegate all these tasks to a VA.

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So let’s under it, let’s, that. This shouldn’t be coming out of our pocket. It should be coming out of this, you know, out of our stipend that we’re actually making online. So he’s like, yeah, I was thinking about launching in October and then you know, in October we’re going to bring the VA on. I’m like, yeah, but the thing is when we launch it, what exactly, you know, who do we have that’s actually doing all the research and this and that. Hey, I think we should lay off on the VA until November just because I think we’ll be able to have some, we need to be able to make $200 minimum to cover the VA and unless we have a ridiculous amount of work and people are buying big packages, that is it. Does that make sense guys? So mundane task, let me focus on the Monday task again.

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What it is is a boring task that we do not want to do, right? So what I would do is like send my show notes to a content writer who would like writing up the show notes. Although that was kind of like a task that really didn’t work at all. Um, Monday task and be like, Yah, let’s say, ah, here we go. Creating the test. Okay. Creating beautiful templates, creating, uh, teaching profiles and coaching profiles. One, I don’t know how to do any of that too. I know someone that knows how to do that. She’s a fantastic, amazing individual, beautiful soul from mosquito university. And these people do not realize the potential that they have within their mind in terms of creations. I noticed it when I was doing a big a workshop at a manufacturing company here in Thailand and I realized, I looked at these little cars, that things that she made.

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I was like, how’d you do that? And I’m like, oh, I need her on my tape. I need her on my team. So one time I needed a PowerPoint done, but me, man, my powerpoints are ugly, very, very ugly. So I told her, I say, hey man, I got this big Bangkok international digital conference coming up. Could you please, um, create, um, you know, a, a PowerPoint that looks appealing. She did in the matter of five minutes and it was gorgeous. She made a test, a pretest, same thing. Absolutely gorgeous. She made a post test, absolutely gorgeous. She made these profiles. Unbelievable. You see, these are mundane tasks to me that would take hours for me to do, but for her it will be great. So as an intern you would get these mundane tasks because a lot of people would just throw a lot of different things on you, so be very, very careful if you’re interning, to learn, not to just get things thrown at you.

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All right. Networking opportunities. Yes. As an intern, you can develop your personality, you can develop your capabilities, you can develop your integrity. There’s a lot of different things that you can develop within your core values that can permeate meanings spread throughout the department. Whereas people are like, do we need you on our team? You are fantastic and you can actually begin shaking hands of other people have different departments and that can lead to other opportunities. That’s very, very important as an intern on the job training. Yes. Learn everything as an intern. Become the most valuable member. Learn skillsets. The more you learn, the more you earn. A right? Because if there’s one day where the boss wakes up and says, oh, we got to get rid of some people and they look at you, they’d be like, oh, he knows too much. We can’t get rid of him becoming an asset of the company.

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And of course perks, perks, our advantages, right? Little things that you would be given. Now as an intern, you won’t be given anything but working for a company like Google, you would be given everything. There are lots of amazing perks that you would get for working at a place such as Google, such as having your own car, having this, having that, oh my God, it’s just amazing, right? You have sleeping pods within the office. Go check it out, go on youtube and go watch that video. So guys, advantages, disadvantages. I just went over them and hopefully you’ll be able to consider yourself and figure out what you would like to do in terms of an internship and whatnot. So, Huh guys, so much more coming up. As always, we have a listening. We are going to listen to a podcast on my podcast about internships and have conversations about it.

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I’m hoping to bring someone on for my developing a speaking task along with a really good episode. We’re going to write a cover letter, which is going to be very, very fascinating along with prepositions in relative clauses. Some more grammar, Huh? So would that be, and say, guys, thank you for to today, do another ESL podcast. Man, I’m your crazy ass host. As usual, if you have any questions, fire them away and make sure you share my podcast, review it and tell everyone about it. I would be greatly appreciative of it, if that makes sense.


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