Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 129 – Vocabulary – Communication – Communication Breakdown

We’re on the last stretch of episodes! It’s been a long time coming and this season is going to be coming to an end very soon! Nonetheless, we got some really interesting lessons coming up for the last segment and then we’ll be kicking off the Advanced Season 5, which will be very difficult. Get ready!

Match these expressions with six definitions. what do the other expressions mean?

  • Find something puzzling
  • get the wrong end of the stick
  • imply something
  • make a gaffe
  • make a witty remark
  • Misinterpret something/someone
  • offend someone unintentionally
  • take something literally
  • talk at cross purposes
  • understand nuances
  1. Misunder something
  2. when two people think they’re talking about the same thing but in fact they aren’t
  3. make someone upset and angry without meaning to
  4. make an embarrassing mistake in public, especially one that upsets someone
  5. say something (clever or funny)
  6. understand slight differences that may be difficult to notice but are important.


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