Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 131 – Pronunciation – Linking & Sound Change

In written English, there is space between words: What is her name?

In spoken English, there is no space between words: Whatsername?

Words in a thought group are linked or joined together and often sound like one long word. It is sometimes difficult to tell the end of one word from the beginning of the next.

When words are connected, sounds may change. Learning to recognize common sound changes will improve your ability to understand conversational English, and learning to make a smooth connection from the end of the word to the beginning of the next will improve your fluency.

Practice these words with me in the podcast.

  1. Art class — Arc class
  2. Ate breakfast — ape breakfast
  3. Bad credit — bag credit
  4. Made your bed — major bed
  5. let her — letter
  6. light green — like green
  7. them all — the mall
  8. all of her — Oliver


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