Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: IELTS Speaking – Part 1 – Future

We’re back with some more IELTS! And because my other IELTS blogs have been viewed a dozen times a day, I decided to create some more. In addition, if you guys are interested in the Part II & III, it’s available on my IELTS Patreon!


What job would you like to have ten years from now? [Why]]

How useful will English be for your future? [Why/why not]

How much traveling do you hope to do in the future? [Why/why not]

How do you think your life will change in the future? [Why/why not]


Listen closely to the question. What job would…..that’s an imaginary situation, right? So your goal is to think outside the box and think of a job in the future. Now, of course you can add additional information in terms of having a portfolio and passive income, but the main goal is to understand the question. I’ve had a number of students go completely off topic, but they still achieved a 6.5 score. Imagine if they can stay on TOPIC.

How useful will English be for YOUR FUTURE

Very important to understand “your” future and not the general public’s future. Students get confused with “the” future and “your” future, so be sure to listen closely to the topic. .

How much traveling do you hope to do in the future.

Pick a common ground. You can even say, “well, not that much because…..”//or “lots because my goal is to give presentations and have an international business.” There’s no wrong answer, but it’s all about picking the tense that you will use.

How do you think you life will change in the future.

Your life can change for a number of reasons, so it’s about explaining why you think it would change. Remember, use your prior explanations about English and it being important for your future to help guide you.


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