Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 133 – Grammar – Whatever, Wherever, Whoever

We use whoever, whenever, whichever, whatever, however when it doesn’t make any difference who, when, which, etc. The clause which contains whatever, whoever, etc, can come at the start of the sentence or in the middle.

Whatever I do, you’re always angry with me.

You’re always angry with me, whatever I do.

We use however + adjective/adverb to say it doesn’t matter how much you do something, or how big/small/difficult something is. The clause which contains however can come at the start of the sentences or in the middle.

However fast you run, you’ll never beat me.

You’ll never beat me, however fast you run.

Complete the sentences with these words: however, whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever.

  1. He gets nervous _____________ he has to speak English on the phone.
  2. People tend to speak English ___________ you go.
  3. You can never learn all the words in a language, _____________long you study it.
  4. We can meet _____________day you like.
  5. In my opinion, _____________says that they can speak 20 languages fluently is lying.
  6. _____________happens, I’ll always love you.


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