International Guest Speaker: Erica Andrade on Life in The US of A!

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Guys…welcome back to Arsenio’s ESL Podcast! Hey, it’s a special, Oh my God. A very special day. You know what, there was one time, I think it had to be the morning, right? And I had got on and I got a message, somebody by the name of Eddy Raj, she followed me on YouTube and this was within like two minutes. She went on my Facebook and she added me and then she posted on my wall and I’d be like, Oh my God, what’s going on here? I was excited. I was like, Oh my God. Some girl named edit God and she was like our studio. I’m a big fan. I listened to your podcast and I was like, Oh my God, this is such an amazing photo. But and here she is today, straight out of Sao Paulo. But I seal Eddie guy. Thank you so much for coming out today.

Speaker 2: (00:52)
Thank you. Thank you for inviting me.

Speaker 1: (00:57)
So Erica, whatever story you would like to share, whatever story you would like to tell everyone, Oh, go round the world, share your story. Because now of course you are out there in Northern America, Wisconsin, if I’m not mistaken. Right. And you are, you down started up a YouTube channel, you’re now doing coaching. And she’s so exciting. And it’s funny cause I like to say, Oh yeah, it had to be me cause I talk about this and that. But of course it wasn’t, you know, but it just, it’s just so exciting seeing the transformation. So tell everyone who you are, Eddie guy.

Speaker 2: (01:35)
Okay. Um, I am Brazilian. Uh, I move to [inaudible] Knight States, uh, three years ago and that I can, because my husband work for Heidi Davison company or motorcycle and, uh, he was transferred. Yeah. So we become a true Milwaukee area. The Regnier, the, how can I say? Highly, they’ve so born was founded. Yeah. So become just, I can with my baby with one year old, he’s IC and then now here as a big boy, like almost five years old. So almost four years here already. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
Wow. You know,

Speaker 2: (02:29)
big change. Yeah. It’s a big move.

Speaker 1: (02:32)
Yeah. Huge move. You know, I had a, I had met this other lady, she went from Venezuela to Los Angeles and I’m very happy for her because again, you know, the state that Bennett swell is in right now. She just said, huh. And she jumped in. She took off. And now she’s ultra successful with the huge team of people helping her, um, out there of course in Los Angeles doing amazing things. So you moved to America. Tell me what you were feeling. Tell me what were you afraid of taking that big leap? Did you have a fear of not being understood? Did you have judged by your family? Tell me what was going on.

Speaker 2: (03:15)
It’s funny because before I came, I think, Oh, my English is okay. So three years ago, and uh, when I arrived here, I completed in the same anything, no, I, no words. Oh my God. The people are saying, because I learn it, I don’t have to. And this then English and I need you to understand Americans because here they ask that I might accidentally this vice strong say rararara Oh my God, what is this asset where I Aurora? So one thing that I start should do, uh, I decided, well, I have to work because if I stay at home with myself speaking Portuguese, I stayed the same. I not improve my English. So I start to looking for a job patch, patch, patch, uh, part time job. And uh, I start you listen a lot of videos Yetta podcast that why I found you and the I start you.

Speaker 2: (04:23)
Oh, okay. Maybe I can go in the church. I’m not a very religious, religious people, but maybe the church, I have to listen. Nope. Subtitles, right? Because they’re [inaudible] and uh, I find the okay church, not a church that you, uh, try to, um, [inaudible] so hard. So you go there, you go out, nobody talk your field. So perfect to me. And the, my listening is start to be very good because I understand anything, I understand everything now. So that’s three things I start to do to improve my English. Now I’m doing, I’m working in the office as a, as a nation assistance, like a officer’s associate, but I still going the ESL classes in [inaudible] uh, counts, uh, college is good because the, we meet, uh, people from our other rewards. So has ages, um, Ukraine Mexicans, um, Oh, another Brazilian show framed silent people. So is amazing experience. Both my English, I know you are, the teacher is not very yet. I have a lot of mistakes of grammar verbs. Assets is the, I’m try to improve every day.

Speaker 1: (06:02)
Are you critical on yourself about making mistakes?

Speaker 2: (06:08)
Ah, yeah. I’m very critical but I won’t think I, I think uh, my listening, I think now 100%. I can understand you perfect videos, videos or when I go on the fear to move, I can watch a movie cause most of the titles anymore, just my pronunciation or my grammar skill. I need to study more. But it’s hard. It’s hard. But the things that I found his very different from Brazil, um, the life, uh, the style life I think is right. Your friends, the people here is not so worried about it. I think so he and my region about the cloves, about the brands, the people here comes to Supermart to wearing pajamas in Brazil. No way. The people are very, very vanish. Vanish. I don’t have any. Yeah. So I have to be very, uh, I don’t know, organize it. Sure. Going out of my house, so to work. So the people here, my boss sometimes go with sandals to work. So it’s very normal here and the, okay for us, the, for me, it’s amazing. If I back to Brazil, I don’t care. I use just my old coats or no brand clothes, cheap clothes because I learn here that it’s not important. Yeah. Wow.

Speaker 1: (07:48)
Yeah. That’s probably one of the most important, uh, lessons of life because I do believe that a lot of people, they want things that they necessarily don’t want. It’s what someone else told them that they should want. Right. So she, the product that this here in Thailand, it’s one of those places, right? And Bangkok like Charles and Keith. Oh my God. Yes, yes, yes. Prada. Prada. Yes. And I’m like, we still got their back. I don’t care about the material. Can it get kitted? Take my stuff from here to over here. That’s all I care about. You should see my bag. It’s literally a recyclable bag. It’s like save the world bag. Do I care about what anyone thinks about me? And no, it does the job. So

Speaker 2: (08:39)
perfect. Yeah. And uh, book the are thinks here, I’m really worried about his health is insurance care here. I really scared about that because okay, Brazil is not perfect, but do you have public health, public hospitals? You can go there, it will be attended and you pay zero. Nothing. You pay the public. Hospitals are very good, is good. Sometimes it’s better. My, my father had an accident in the road and he broke his cranial. He had so the pores get him no calls because no time public hospital make a surgery and the he is perfect. He also surgery five hours later than [inaudible]. So he’s very quickly and he has no consequence. He’s a perfect man and uh, is a big surge. So it’s, it’s, it was in the public hospital. Uh, I know friends that deliver babies in the hospital. The public hospital is okay.

Speaker 2: (10:01)
Okay. No luxury. Right. It’s not a face place, but you can go there. Here I see it. Um, where people there, I know the girl let her, the key of the car because she has no money to pay the hospital. It’s a very sad, so jeez, thinks it’s a cold tracks to me because when I come here and say, Oh, Knights States is the best, eh, but no in the, for me I have insurance, um, by highly Davidson and the also for us is, explains a few when we go to the hospital. So yeah, my son has like fever sunspots in his body and I go to the hospital, they took a blood test and that was 1,500 visit the doctor first and I come the hospital and [inaudible] the blood test, a hundred, 1,500. Did I say, Oh my God. Now it’s a different, because sometimes he’s had fever. Say, okay, I wait, I know to going to the hospital also for me. So it’s a different, because in Brazil, if I had some headache, Oh I went to the house cause it’s free. I have insurance. I don’t pay any fee more than I paid for them. So Jesus, Jew, friend way here, that’s not for me. It’s not perfect because that’s the just problem of insurance. Health. And I work now in bank two street. It’s uh,

Speaker 1: (11:56)
Hey, what do you do?

Speaker 2: (11:59)
I do the financials thing. I’m not interested. I, I pay the bills, I made the PTO, I organize the financial stuff’s okay. And, but it’s funny because I care about insurance plans of the, sometimes I saw that and the okay for just chief because it’s in front off. We covered. But for just because it’s behi who don’t cover it,

Speaker 1: (12:34)
that makes me so angry in America, our absolute fad, they are completely useless. I’ve heard so many ho. Okay, so let me do this. Okay. I’m gonna give you two stories. They’re gonna. They’re going to tie with one another. You ready? Okay. Thousand and nine in the first week of January, I went to a coffee, a bubble tea Filipino shop on spring mountain road in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don’t expect anyone to know where that is. That’s fine. I’m just giving you a visual. I looked at the glass. The glass looked a little bit dirty. You drank from it. The next day I felt my chest a little bit weird, and so over the next week it got so bad to the point where I woke up in the middle of the night and I was like the bra, like the tubes, the bronchial tubes were like shutting, and I said, mom, I could barely breathe. Something’s really bad. So what ended up happening? Now, this is why I’m going to tell you why Thailand is absolutely amazing, but I’ll tell you that in two seconds. All those a little bit on the pricey side.

Speaker 1: (13:41)
I went to UMC, university of medical center, quick care. This is out there. If you go to a hospital, you’re screwed. Okay, let’s just put it that way. Or you’re just going to get put in debt. This is what hospitals like to do. So I went there to see the doctor cost $70 2,100 bought for type people. Okay. After that I have to buy the medication. Medication is anywhere between 50 and a hundred dollars. No, that’s nowhere compared to your 1,500 is still a substantial about given the fact that I am still a poor college student. Uh, and I had a combination of pharyngitis. My Farron, uh, laryngitis, I don’t know, pharyngitis, which is right here at the pharynx. Inflammation got saved plus bronchitis. So the you coat the mucus in the phlegm that was coming out. It was literally Brown. Not to disgust anyone, but that was the severity of how bad it was.

Speaker 1: (14:43)
Why my mom had no money. Exactly. I could’ve died. But because the sorry ass medical system there, I mean I have to like literally pushed my body to the limit and say, okay, well I’ll feel really bad right now. So maybe I should go. So let me give you an example of Thailand said die. That’s right. I have not afraid to show up my medication sinuses. You guys might cure it just a little bit. That’s okay. That plus seeing the doctor, everything together was $37 and that was that. A private higher upper echelon hospital hospital, not a clinic like UNC, a hospital here in the heart of Bangkok here in Thailand. If I get sick, I had the flu. Yes. I had to pay a little bit more. It was 200 but I got better in eight hours with the influenza B viral 80 hours. Maybe I was sexy. You know what? I’ve eaten. So America, they’re not even trying to clean up this mess, but when you’re, you know, your sub 1,500 for just a couple of things here, here in Thailand, they’re just as well educated. They have this, they have that dude that’s probably going to be $100 max.

Speaker 2: (16:00)
Yeah, it’s the same. Brazil is the same Brazil and the okay. But uh, at least I have a good things to say about American. Not the only thing that surprised me because I have kids and kids got us a lot of six in this [inaudible] com. So I’m a little worried about that. But that’s, I, I have, um, I love the nature here. The track is so slow, so slowly not in this loads. I, so it’s very smoothly. You can not rush and all the time, like some Paolo and uh, I really like here also the winter. Let’s talk about the winter.

Speaker 1: (16:51)
Oh, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about, I, you smiling about it. I’m giving you the look. I’m like, Ooh. Like the winter. It was tell us.

Speaker 2: (17:02)
Yeah. I don’t know. Speak in higher Phi height. I will talk about in sales just because I think all the words [inaudible] know about Celsius. Okay. Uh, the first winter it was okay because not so hard. But this second one was like, Oh my God, what is this less? We had minus 48 degrees,

Speaker 1: (17:31)
excuse me, for blowing out everyone’s ears. That is fucked.

Speaker 2: (17:35)
Yeah. And I work at in a Marquette university and I had two blocks. Well, should there ever every week because I work only one day by week I in the, Oh my, so cool. And uh, some days the television set, no, you stay at home because if it got far more than five minutes, you can die outside. So, okay. Stay home because almost 50, less 50 degrees is a shoot with frozen.

Speaker 1: (18:15)
Tell me what your, what, what do you feel like? Seriously, like negative 48, I can open my fridge and it’s not even close to that.

Speaker 2: (18:25)
I have a cheap all for the Brazilians arrive here that I have opportunity to say the first winter I didn’t know I bought shoe face jackets. Oh, it’s beautiful. I, I bought uh, boots, but it’s not proper boots. And the second Wheater say I now I do the right thing. So I sold the, the other things that I bought and I buy new ones. But good nuance. You have to good. Have, you have, you’ll have to have is right.

Speaker 1: (19:01)
Have to have good, good, very good, very good.

Speaker 2: (19:05)
Um, I could jacket for winter. Have you had good, good paints to use, uh, with your pants on? The [inaudible] is that paints, socks, expense. You have to have good boats like early boots and a good hats and a good glows than just cheese. Nothing more but good like a, okay. It’s expensive but [inaudible] and one in his shoe all the winter if just because it’s work, it’s work. So that’s what I did. I have big jackets, good boats and that can go,

Speaker 1: (19:50)
but you layer up to you layer up to layer up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. How many layers do you wear? Like four or five?

Speaker 2: (20:01)
No, three. Three or

Speaker 1: (20:05)
50. You are super woman. You movie, I remember when I was at zero. Within five seconds. All of a sudden.

Speaker 2: (20:16)
No. If zero degree, the American guys here are doing by B Q outside with short pants and CI shirts, zero degrees. I pick myself less 10 degrees and my son wasn’t there outside play break ground in a C Oh, it’s not too cold for the kids play outside? No. That you just said they are take fresh air. Okay. Oh, frozen. Yeah. Maybe

Speaker 1: (20:53)
that was shards. Those were shard CS. They’re in my chair. Come on.

Speaker 2: (20:58)
Yeah. Oh, by people. I think, uh, eh, when I back to Brazil, this ear, I say, Oh, it’s hot here. Do I need the grace? 25 degrees is too hot for me now because I’m very use it. Arsenio, they we to start now, right now we have,

Speaker 1: (21:19)
Oh, it’s barely October. It started already.

Speaker 2: (21:23)
It should be, we’d be less Nina’s one. We are right. Yeah. Oh look, just night zero and minus one. Like why, right. We see the summer game summer, he may the next year because from now just be getting worse. So October and November is very, it’s like a throw a frozen, not frozen, but cold. The saber white Christmas, January is the worst because chem, uh, uh, we get [inaudible] February, February, the same March, the same April is CIOs knowing in may is the less is no in start to be the signing again. So that’s in my life here. But I had not complained because I said when like, because I come to here, it’s here, always like that. I came so I not can complain, but I know a lot of people complain. It’s the nature. I prefer this very hot place. I prefer, I’m very use it now three years.

Speaker 1: (22:54)
Oh my God. I had a, I had an Oh wow. I don’t know what to say to that. You know, I had a, a Fred, she uh, she went from the Honduras to Mongolia.

Speaker 2: (23:05)

Speaker 1: (23:06)
And she, when you said negative 48, she also said about negative 50. And so, yeah, I mean, okay, so do you get sick as often out there in Wisconsin as you did in Sao Paulo or the cold does, it is really not a factor to getting [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (23:25)
Uh, I get sick more in the spring. It’s spring because has appalling and I have sinus in, right. So that’s the, I think it is worse for me than winter, but the winter, I have to be careful of the winds so it can get cold easily. But this spring I always runny nose always because the Pauline,

Speaker 1: (23:54)
Oh my God, Whoa. What a Clyde that, how about the food? I know you miss your Brazilian food.

Speaker 2: (24:02)
Yeah. But we made full a Brazilian for the everyday here. So we cooking every, not, wait, my husband, he listen, he cooks not me American, right? No, it’s Brazilian show.

Speaker 1: (24:18)
Oh my God. Okay.

Speaker 2: (24:22)
He’s resilient. So he cooks and I take care of his, sent myself the same thing in Portuguese. And uh, is that a, like a chain. So he cooks, I give food for him, wash the, take a shower with from him and putting him there bed. So we make Brazilian food, rice, beans, vegetables, meat, the real barbecue Brazilian barbecue in the summer. I don’t eat meat, but he, it’s he, but okay. But he made this real Brazilian barbecue. So for us, okay. But when a, I arrive it here and there we go a lot. The restaurant, because we don’t have our apartment. Uh, [inaudible] all right. So I feel, Oh my God, I don’t want it. Anything just minnow. It’s this French fries. Yeah. So, but now I’m okay. Or if it is, I’m very use it. True. So I find some restaurants, Italian restaurants is good mash chicken restaurant have rice and beans. A Chinese resident have like rice. So you can eat more like Brazilian food. Not the same, but yeah. But uh, this true fan here. Yeah, I know that. But for us, I talk with Fabiano my husband every day. Say we have you have a beautiful experience because you’ve been there for a long time already. Yeah. I think we stay here for more two years maybe. Uh, but it’s an amazing experience. My son speak English, no accent

Speaker 1: (26:21)
feet. Dog age. Yes.

Speaker 2: (26:26)
I think his English and that he’s speaking better English than Portuguese. Her, his Portuguese is very, uh, not good yet cause it’s, it’s Portuguese is right. Hard to learn. I know that it’s like French, so a lot of verbs.

Speaker 1: (26:46)

Speaker 2: (26:48)
English and okay. You put the pass ball sometimes, but okay. It’s more easier for the day for me. No, but for the kids is a lot easier. I think so. And uh, it’s amazing Springs. It’s amazing. I have a stepdaughter, a big girl, 18 years old. She came with us and she stayed one year and a half. She made the high school here and her English is better than mine in fact on those together because the teenagers have so um, facility is so easy to, they learn new things. You’re telling me in my thirties, almost 40, it’s hard to put Neo East side. Our mind is hot. I tell you as in your hard

Speaker 1: (27:47)
let, let, let, let me look at my face dog. I’ll get it. I’m kidding. You’re in an English speaker. Wait, okay, so real quick household, what’s your household language for your son? You speak to them in Portuguese, correct?

Speaker 2: (27:58)
Yeah, I see that. Yeah. Well sometimes I speak Portuguese and he answered me English.

Speaker 1: (28:08)
That could be good for you and very good for him, but I just hope he actually learns Portuguese too.

Speaker 2: (28:13)
Yeah. So I, we try to first hand and uh, but it’s funny because I, I get him this call and I speak if him in Portuguese. Oh baby, how was your day? And he answer me Portuguese in turn, should the teacher and speaking English and turn with me in speaking Portuguese. Same. It’s amazing. Yeah. So quickly,

Speaker 1: (28:42)
hi, I’m fine. Keys are five years old. Everything. Absolutely. When therefore baby, it’s all subconscious mind wide open, they could learn up to six to 10 languages with ease. So you adopted a daughter before moving?

Speaker 2: (28:57)
No, no, no, no. My eye stepdaughter.

Speaker 1: (29:00)
Oh yeah, yeah, that’s right. So five five-year-olds. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Speaker 2: (29:04)
Yeah, probably I know has a daughter from, from first marriage and uh, it’s an amazing experience for her too because he made high school here and uh, she come back, she do the college in Brazil, right? Yeah.

Speaker 1: (29:23)
Oh, okay. So she went back to Brazil, huh?

Speaker 2: (29:26)
Yeah. She’d be extra busy to make college. There is, this is another subject show subject. Yeah. American subject. Because college here is not, it’s not the same way in Brazil. Right. You have to get some students, uh, I don’t know their name when they kids is very smart or play a good sport. She got uh, some, I don’t know, English, some scholarship. Scholarship. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (30:04)
There we go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I got that back there. Sorry.

Speaker 2: (30:08)
Yeah. So, but if you don’t have a scholarship, we pay a lot of money in the students. Lowers, so we make some counts. She made some counts. Right? It’s say, Oh, I fixed better tobacco in Brazil, make my college because then I can pay, we can pay. It’s more, it’s not so expensive in the four years. I have no backed and if you have opportunity, I came back. Perfect. So that’s made. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (30:39)
Wow. That’s awesome. What did it experience over all? My God. So wow. We could go audit audit. Ah, but you know what? I want you to tell me to top up this last day. We could go on and on and on. A man I have to bring, as a matter of fact, I have a lot of speaking activities, so I’ll definitely have to bring you off for some more speak at activities, which I normally do. So I’ll definitely send you another link. Um, but what was it? Three big goals. What are your key goals for learning English?

Speaker 2: (31:12)
Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: (31:15)
Oh yeah, I’m here. You see I got clothes, I got clothes. I’m like, I’m right here now.

Speaker 2: (31:21)
Pick you better. Um, I think I had to improve my English in the way [inaudible] have to do less mistakes with verbs and grandma’s actually true. And uh, at in for lists they assets. I really don’t care about the asset. I think I’ll never lose my assets, but if I speak correctly, no mistakes. I think it’s better to get better job yoga, more positions in the company or when, when I back to Brazil I can work with my English show because now I think I’m not prepared yet. Yeah, sure. Paid cap, business conversation. So if a, okay, we are representing a company and I have another and the, okay. I we want to stand by, it’s not a professional conversation. Right. I slept in Brazil, I had a lot of business, many English five years ago and I don’t know how because I just wondering how, my God, how, how the guys on the send me, but we had a like conversation right now we are having the guy understand me. I understand. Okay. So I think they say, okay, they are Brazilian, she’s a Brazilian, she’s learning. So maybe I can just, okay. Not, it’s not a problem. Just mistakes because he are understandable. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (33:05)
Wow, that’s awesome. You know, that’s what I love doing guys. I love helping for everyone who will listen to this and has been listening. Um, you know, Erica, you know, she, Oh, when she first added me, I just felt so touched, you know, the, of course they’re probably going to be hundreds of others who add me or what that, but Erica really, you know, she hit me there. It was like that’d be here. I’m a big fan of your podcast and this and that. So you know, the opportunity for you to share your story with everyone else. That’s the most important.

Speaker 2: (33:38)
Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. You’re amazing. You’re amazing teacher. You do I think a great job because for us it’s free, right? I can just connect you and, uh, get lessons about, uh, tie tests, uh, pronunciations, a lot of, he started that. He put that I saw you put about the rich, uh, father. Uh, we read that

Speaker 1: (34:04)
problem. Rich dad, poor dad, the personal development.

Speaker 2: (34:07)
Amazing. It’s amazing. So thank you. Thank you very much. You make a different the words [inaudible].

Speaker 1: (34:18)
Thank you so much. That’s a personal development. That’s what initially got me into another podcast, my English language podcasts and been motivational mentors, which is another really good podcast, uh, about, you know, bringing entrepreneurs on, talking about mindset and a lot of other things too. So bad. I can’t be grateful enough, you know, so bad. Thank you again, Eric. So much guys. Again, I’m going to be bringing Erica on at some point, uh, very soon, especially to top off the year because I have a lot of advance speaking English lessons that I’m going to be headed off and holiday seasons covered up. So I get to bring Erica on and do these interviews and do all these bad. It’s going to be crazy exciting. So Erica, we’re going to be scheduled at that one covered up a very, very soon, so much for spending time with me this morning out there. Of course

Speaker 2: (35:17)
in America. Thank you very much. Thank you. You [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (35:21)
you’re very, very welcome. And guys, with that being said, I hope you enjoyed this venture. He shared, make sure you’d like to share it with people who need to hear Erica’s message about the freezing cold out there. It was Scott’s, it’s stay. Oh wait, don’t put it. Don’t do that. No, I’ll give it up. But yeah, just hear the message and just develop that confidence along the way. So guys, with that being said bad, have another wonderful about it. Afternoon. And of course I’m your host, Arsenio, as usual, over it out.


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