Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 6 – Study Skills – Proof-reading Challenge!

Welcome back to a challenge! I love doing these proof-reading challenges. It’s time to test your grammar skills out!

When writing, you should edit your draft until you’re happy with it. I did this all the time while I was in university; and I even got second opinions from better writers, English majors and people in journalism.


  • Read it once again aloud — does it make sense?
  • Look for mistakes such as typing and spelling errors. Look up doubtful spellings.
  • If you used a spellchecker, check for words that are not misspellings but which are not the word you want to use (there/their)
  • When proofreading for grammar, punctuation and spelling, it can help to work backwards through your writing to avoid drifting into skim-reading.
  • Note down certain errors you make regularly and be particularly careful in checking them.

Read the excerpt below ALOUD. Does it make sense? Does reading aloud help you to answer this question more easily?

The rise of crowdfunding has positively contributed to the economy. Mollick (2016) surveyed 61,654 Kickstart projects that had achieved their target investment of over $1,000 between 2009-2015. He found that, 5, 135 full-time jobs has been created by these projects in addition to the creator’s jobs. Furthermore, around 4,994 new companies or partnerships has been created with around 4,130 still in operation in 2016. While no further revenue was generated by 30,8% of projects once their campain had finished, the other 59.2% generated a total revenue of $3.4 billion outside of Kickstarter. This means that, for every dollar that was bid in Kickstarter, an average of $2.46 revenue were raised outside of the site. As these statistics represent just one of many crowdfunding sights and only 30% of the 61,654 projects responded to Mollick’s survey, they demonstrate that crowdfunding has had a significant economic impact since it’s perception.

Skillful Book 4

Read the paragraph and correct the eight errors. Categorize them into:

  • grammar errors
  • punctuation errors
  • spelling errors
  • words spelled correctly but incorrectly for the sentence context (their/there)


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