Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 7 – Vocabulary Preview for the Reading Text

Welcome back, everyone! This is a prelude to the big reading about “online friends” coming up on the next podcast. Here are some definitions and words (in bold) that you will need to match. Listen to my podcast for the answers!

  1. I’d actually class him as more of an acquaintance than a friend.
  2. Research links smartphone addiction to anti-social behavior in adolescents.
  3. Critics are concerned that social media is turning us into narcissists.
  4. Ties between families have strengthened in the social media age.
  5. Adolescents are negatively influenced by their online peers.
  6. It’s important to nurture both our online and offline relationships.
  7. Despite living in a hyper-connected society, we are more alone than ever.
  8. I’d argue that social media actually promotes empathy.
  • relationships or connections with a person or place.
  • to help someone or something to develop.
  • someone you know a little, who isn’t a close friend.
  • always linked to people via technology.
  • people who admire themselves too much.
  • children who are changing into young adults.
  • showing a lack of care for others or society in general.
  • the ability to understand or imagine how someone feels.


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