Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 10 – Vocabulary Development – Synonyms and Register

A large part of academic writing is choosing language that is appropriate to your intended reader. Vocabulary that is appropriate in one context may not be appropriate in another. Learning a broad range of synonyms will help you adapt the register of your text.

Replace the bold words in the following sentences below with more formal synonyms: are able to, asserts, comprehend, derived, disconcerting, distance, diverse, element, establish, gravity, manage, permits….to, repercussions, seek strategy.

  1. Many sociologists find that negative effects of our hyper-connected world worrying.
  2. Social media lets us connect, even when physically far apart.
  3. A worrying part of social media is the ability to start friendships with people you have not met in person.
  4. With social media, we can look for friendships among a more varied group of people.
  5. It’s difficult to understand the seriousness of social media’s impact.

Replace repeated words in the text with suitable formal synonyms.

The human brain is constantly changing, and neuroscientist Gary Small says new technologies are changing it further. He also says that technology is improving our decision-making skills. One study carried out with people aged between 55-76 showed that the brains of those that could already use the internet showed much greater activity than those who could not. As many older people find they are unable to keep the same level of brain function as they age, Gary believes using the internet may help them keep good brain function throughout their lives. However, he is also aware of the danger of using the Internet, such as fall in empathy levels. He suggests people avoid this fall by developing their face-to-face relationships without the use of technology.

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