Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: TOEIC Lesson (Special Request) – Parts 1 & 5

I’ve got a special request from someone to do a TOEIC lesson! Parts 1 and 5 are on the board today, and I’ll be diving into photographs and grammar basics. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Explanation in Podcast!

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Let’s break down some of these incomplete sentences. I’ve covered this at some point a long time ago, but it’s always good to go back and check them out!

  1. The guests were amazed by the __________ statues in the garden.
  • color
  • colorful
  • colors
  • colorfully

2. The rise in steel prices has resulted in a ____________ increase in our production costs.

  • considerably
  • consideration
  • considerably
  • considers

3. While Jane was at college, she _____________ to her sister every week.

  • writing
  • written
  • write
  • wrote

4. The project team found it very difficult to hide their ___________ over the rejection.

  • disappoint
  • disappointing
  • disappointedly
  • disappointment

5. I heard that the board gave our project proposal a very __________ review.

  • favor
  • favorable
  • favoring
  • favorably

6. The delegates seemed to find the presentation very __________.

  • Interests
  • Interest
  • Interesting
  • interestingly

Additional Questions from Listeners

How to use though, although, even though, and but.

Even though/although is a contradiction of ideas. The subway was crowded even though it was early in the morning.

Although we planned the agenda carefully, the meeting ran over time.

But shows a contrast in ideas. “I would love to go, but I’m busy this evening.”

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