Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEFL iBT (New Format) Speaking Question 3 – Paradox of Choice

Welcome to the super special I have today! TOEFL iBT, a test that I’m now teaching periodically, is on the board today. Now, the site by the name of is excellent and perfect for all TOEFL learning resources (and comes at a price). However, there are some free versions and things you can learn and click on, as well as a 7-day trial….and in this specific speaking task, I want to first talk to you in the podcast about the new speaking format (down below). Also, I’ll give you the reading to the Paradox of Choice, as well as the audio and breakdown of it. So, let’s get into it!


Paradox of choice refers to the idea that humans deal with greater anxiety today because of the vast number of choices they face. When a person is given more choices, they have heightened expectations that can also result in disappointment when their desires aren’t satisfied. This need to satisfy their desires by making the right choice creates apprehension.

Listening – In The Podcast

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