Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 18 – Discussion Point – Gaming

I’m bringing to you today a very controversial couple of discussion points. Gaming by percentages. Because of the emergence of ESports, there needs to be a way to also mentor kids about the destructive use of blue screens. If you sit in front of a screen for hours out of a time, it could be damaging to your eyes long-term and present ergonomical problems.

However, I do believe the positives outweigh the negatives because I think because the emergence of online gaming, people all around the world are speaking to one another versus 30 years ago — and of course, we know exactly how bad the world was 30 years ago: rampant wars, ridiculous racism, genocides, etc. So, we’re now able to communicate cross-culturally because of gaming. Could it be isolating? Perhaps. Does it have effects on academic performance? Absolutely not….and academics are a completely sham in education today because we know that standard education breeds standard results. So, what needs to be focused on his how can individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst gaming. Tune into the podcast down below!


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