Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 21 – Patreon Silver Badge Special – Listening on Mentorship

Woohoo! Another sneak peek in terms of what exclusive content on put on my Patreon for you guys! Very excited about this episode because it deals a lot about mentorship, but if you want to learn how to listen with intent, or additional IELTS listening material, tune into the patreon link down below!

Mentorship: ‘a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced person.’

Early schemes:                       to teach social and spiritual values; _________ scheme to learn a                  


Goal of mentorship:              to maximize a person’s ___________.

Students receive:                   one-to-one tuition and ___________ advice.

In the school scheme:           students to mock __________ for jobs and university entrance.

In the university scheme:     students ask about the _________ process, courses and the.


The biggest advantage:        it builds students’ ___________ .

Results:                                   students’ __________ and exam results have improved.

In the UK:                                there are over ____________ ex-student mentors.

Listen again.  Are the statements True or False?

  1. Mentorship in education is not a new idea.      T/F
  2. Nearly 40% of students in the UK don’t know what job they want to do.   T/F
  3. Mentorship particularly benefits underachievers.         T/F
  4. Mentor help students to perform better in exams.       T/F
  5. The law student was initially rejected from university because she didn’t pass her exams.     T/F



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