Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 34 | Developing Speaking | Speaking Up

So, in today’s edition, I talk about speaking up.  From an academic standpoint, sure, it’s essential to contribute to conversations before, during, and after.  However, I want to tackle a different aspect of “speaking up,” and this segment is about speaking up in LIFE. The following section pertains to how to speak up academically, but in the podcast down below, it’s about speaking up in regards to life.

Effective group work involves everyone in the group. Each group member needs to contribute and help other people to contribute. We can help others by, e.g., asking questions, supporting views, and asking for examples.

We can help ourselves at three different stages.

Before group work

  • Make the decision to speak at least once.
  • Prepare for the discussion by doing research and making notes.

During the group work

  • Focus on being clear and brief.
  • Give an example to support your point.
  • Avoid speaking too fast and speak so everyone can hear you.
  • Act confident even if you don’t feel it.

After the group work

  • Reflect on your contribution.
  • Decide what you will do better next time.


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