TOEFL iBT | Part 1 Questions | Answer Template & Tips

Woohoo! Another TOEFL iBT is here! Because it was a hit last time, here are some more breakdowns!

Today I really want to focus on the task itself. So, I’ve gotten some reviews and heard some opinions from some students here in Thailand. One of the girls said that she didn’t use a template, studied for three days, and scored a hundred. Keep in mind that she had studied in America for a year. So, does TOEFL recommend speaking academically? Or using just normal English? These are things to consider, but nonetheless, let’s dive into two of these questions.

Do you prefer to eat at home or eat at a restaurant? Use details and examples to support your explanation.

If you have money, would you prefer to buy a house or a business? Use details and examples to support your explanation.

If you were given an empty piece of land, would you rather use it to build a garden or a playground for children?

Answer Template

State your main point

” I agree with the idea that….”

“I think it is better to….”

“I think it is a great/terrible idea to…”

Transition to the details

“I feel this way for two reasons.”

Support your point

“First….” + “for example…..”

“Second….” + “To be more specific…..”


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