Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: IELTS Listening Skills – Identifying the Context

Welcome to listening skills! I’ve written a couple of things up with reading already, but here’s a sneak peek to what I’m going to have on my Patreon Mini-Test, so if you’re interested in exclusive content, let me know!

Nonetheless, let’s get into this.

You have to complete notes in the first section of the IELTS listening test, and it’s normally on a form. In the exam you will hear a short introductions to each section on the recording and then you will have some time to read the notes.


  1. Model ____________ (1)
  2. Colors available: black, ___________________ (2)
  3. Total charge (including delivery): ________________(3)
  4. Name: Yue Chen
  5. Test Score: __________________(4)
  6. Tutor: __________________(5)
  7. Classroom: 12

Common name: Grey Seal

Habitat: open sea, _____________________,(6) sandy beaches.

Weight: males (bulls): ________________: (7)females (cows): 100-200 kg

Breeding Season: September to _________________(8)

Name of caller: James Fisher

Contact Number: _________________(9)

Call back: before ________________(10)

Predicting Notes: Predict the bullet points down below by putting them next to the numbers above.

  • a price
  • a measurement
  • a reference number
  • a number
  • a month
  • a name
  • a color
  • a time
  • a place
  • a telephone number


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