Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 38 | Grammar | Inverted Conditionals: Real & Unreal Present

Conditional sentences can be made to sound more formal using the following inverted constructions;

should + subject + base form

Should this trend continue, ipods will become obsolete by the end of 2009.

Should consumers not choose to adopt mobile gaming, the industry may suffer a catastrophic blow.

were + subject + to + base form

Were it easier to access high-speed trains, more commuters would accept it as a way of travel.

Were companies not to adapt, they would risk losing out to competitors.

  1. Invert the following sentences using the verbs in bold.
  • Companies may stop investing in ebooks if sales continue to stagnate. (should)
  • Traditionally broadcasted TV may become a thing of the past if people continue to stream content on mobile devices. (should)
  • Investors might well lose faith in the project if sales were to decline any further. (were)
  • If companies choose not to invest in mobile gaming, they may well see a decline in revenue over the next decade. (should)
  • E-readers would undoubtedly be more popular among the older generation if they were easier to navigate. (were)
  • If consumers don’t adopt early, the product might fail in its first year. (should)


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