Arsenio’s ESL Podcast passes The Arsenio Buck Show on HISTORICAL COUNT

An emotional tribute.

When I made my first episode of The Arsenio Buck Show, I had no idea what I was doing. It was a passion project. It was the beginning of my personal development journey that needed to be documented. I didn’t know about niche markets, hashtags, plays, geolocation, coaching, mentorship, or anything I’m into right now. It was about me overcoming me.

The listeners were a byproduct of what I was going through, but I can tell you with great enthusiasm those amazing moments when I got a play or two! HUGE THANKS YOU to my original listeners from the following cities.

– Ashburn, Virginia
– Menlo Park, California
– Long Beach, California
– Edison, New Jersey
– Clifton, New Jersey

I documented the unbelievable highs of traveling, and the extreme lows of my life when I was battling a racist environment in Rangsit, Thailand.

When 2018 rolled around, I saw that some of my YouTube videos were hits. One had eclipsed the monumental 10k Mark; and I asked myself, “what if I made an ESL podcast?”

When I made my second podcast, I knew my market. I knew the lessons I would give. I knew what areas I wanted to focus on. And the grandest of them all, bringing the over 200 countries in the world on my podcast (34 and counting).

Since then, my ESL podcast eclipsed the overall play count of my personal development podcast on half the time. Amazed. Flustered. And in awe…..I saw countries listening to me like The Cayman Islands, Jersey, São Tomé and Principe, and others I had to google.

To know I’m helping people in their pilgrimage. To know that I’m on people’s watches on 6 continents. To know that someone is saying “hey, Alexa, play Arsenio’s crazy ass,” is the greatest blessing I can ask for.

Just shy of what will be an unforgettable trip to the gorgeous Philippines, this is the greatest Christmas present of my life — knowing I’m making a difference.


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