Wheel of Life | Year In Review | Family & Friends | 5

This is actually a pretty decent score.

Some of you are wondering what criteria do I base it off?

Well, here it is. 

  • Circle of Friends
  • Outer Circle
  • Purposeful Relationships
  • The Right Flock

I’ve had a lot of people come both in and out of my life this year. A circle of friends is the strong bond that I have with me at all times. If for whatever reason it dissipates, or if I feel like something is missing out, I would hurry up and check the circle because it more than often means that someone, who had a long-lasting impact on my life, has left. 

Nonetheless, I don’t have “friends” or “family.” My friends from the past are only around for the good — however, they’re never there during the bad. 

So, close friends in America who I’ve known for the longest — outer circle. Best friends from childhood? Outer circle. If someone had deceived me once, I wouldn’t let them back into my life.

When evaluating purposeful relationships, it’s extremely important to know when relationships SHOULD come to an end. You don’t want to prolong something that should’ve ended weeks/months/years before, right? 

And to sum this up, having the right flock and supporting cast around you is essential. I address relationships that become a bit of a problem….consciously. I make sure I surround myself with winners, people who want more and are hungry. 

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