Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 42 | Grammar | Expressing Causality

We can show a cause-and-effect relationship in many ways. The grammar of the sentence depends on th eparticular words and phrases used to express the causality.

Because, so, as, since — before a clause.

They banned his new design of bikes because they were faster.

Consequently, as a result — at the start of a sentence or after a semicolon.

….is very valuable. As a result, trying to eliminate loss actually destroys the main benefit of sports.

Result from, lead to, have an effect on — main verbs followed by prepositions.

A lot of the health problems athletes suffer result from incorrect administration of drugs.

a cause of, the impact of….on, a consequence of — noun phrases

The problem is that the impact of the technology is not restricted to current swimmers.

Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase in the parentheses.

  1. As a result / Since / A cause of

Top sports players don’t eat or drink it, but we all see this advertising at th esports events. ____________, we think they do.

2. the impact of / consequently / an affect on

For example, fast-food sponsorship can have _______________ viewers, particularly younger people.

3. because / lead to / a cause of

In my country, we have a lot of problems with fighting at soccer games ____________ there is so much rivalry between fans.

4. as / consequence of / result from

Another _____________ this violence is that the general public stops going to these events.


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