Patreon: ESL Podcast – Grammar – Present & Past Habits

Today on Patreon is present and past habits. I’ve gone over this before, but on my Patreon, which is available in the link below, you will be able to answer the questions within the community, get feedback, write additional sentences, and get graded by me. These are the cool perks of being in the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Badge of my patreon. Here’s a snippet.

Are these sentences about the present or the past? Circle the correct option.

  1. They’ll spend time researching before they buy. (PR/PA)
  2. They would do that now; I hear you say! (PR/PA)
  3. People are always buying clothes and then discarding them. (PR/PA)
  4. People would buy designer labels and luxury items to support an image of their lifestyle. (PR/PA)
  5. As people, will buy clothes and throw them away, one company has gone a step further. (PR/PA)
  6. Take the Danish clothing retailer that now sells fair-trade jeans. (PR/PA)
  7. It began selling the fruit and vegetables that it used to throw away. (PR/PA)
  8. People were always looking for the cheapest option. (PR/PA)

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