Wheel of Life | Year In Review | Fun & Hobbies | 5

This was an extraordinary year of travel: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and topping off the year with the wondrous Philippines.
I couldn’t be grateful enough for the number of things I’ve come across during my travels: meeting amazing friends in Singapore, developing relationships in Malaysia and having my “aha” moment in gorgeous Da Lat, Vietnam.
In saying that, there were times that I felt like I was neglecting this category, just because I’m not putting “fun” into my daily schedule.
I had gone to the gym on several occasions, developing wonderful relationships with people from China, Japan, Malaysia, and other places. With that being said, I think there could’ve been several ways to inject more fun into my schedule.
With massive trips to South Africa, Vietnam again (for the amazing Spartan Spring) and several others, I’m very grateful for how this year has turned out.

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