Wheel of Life | Year In Review | Physical Environment | 8.5

On a number of occasions, I had gone into work angry, resentful, and demanding different things. Arguments had erupted between an employee and I on two occasions, ultimately crippling what little relationship we had. But to be honest, me think the amount of work I had outside is what made this such an unbelievable year. Having three separate workshops with KTB, doing fill-in work at BBL that landed me a very important, presentation workshop in the latter stages of the year. Not only that, sub-workshops/courses at Kubota, Summit Chemical, Mandarin Oriental, and Beartai. This was hands down, the most successful year ever in regards to my physical environment at work.

When it comes to home, there were times that I had gotten extremely frustrated with drilling mid-year, but that all went away towards the end.

Things I did when I got frustrated.

  • Identify The Source
  • Neutralize The Problem
  • Be in Supportive Environments

There are only a few people who I speak to within my “teaching” workplace because most of them are loser “foreigners” who lack empathy and are extremely judgemental to their wives (who they married initially). Yes, there was an occasion that I met one of my own at my condo, only for him to be very odd towards the end of the relationship — resulting in me blocking him. So, I kind of just keep my distance with particular individuals in both environments, and that’s why this year proved to be extremely successful.


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