Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 48 | Pronunciation | Rules & Practice

Let’s go over some basics here.

In English, there are many initial clusters with two consonant sounds and some with three.

  • Prayed (not parade)
  • Stream (not steam)

Many initial clusters with two and three consonants sounds contain /r/ or /l/.

  • To practice basic /r/ and /l/ before practicing these sounds, remember to tune back in later on.

Also, if you simplify initial clusters by inserting a vowel sound, (e.h., if you say below instead of blow or support instead of sport), this tip is for you.

If the first consonant sound in a cluster is a stop sound (/p, b. t, d, k, g/), do not release the stop until you are ready to say the next sound.

Blow (release /b/ as you say /l/)

Trouble (release /t/ as you say /r/)

If the first consonant sound is not a stop, continue it until the next sound.

Sports (sssport)

Flow (ffflow)


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