Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 49 | Developing Speaking | Group Presentations

Presenters aim to communicate information and ideas clearly: Their audience is the main focus of the presentation. This is the same for groups and individuals. For a successful presentation:

  • Focus on a few main points and select concrete examples that are easy to visualize.
  • Structure the talk clearly, make links between your points and summarize at the end.
  • Use a visual display or a handout to show the presentation plan to the audience.

In group presentations, the presenters work together, contributing equally, to deliver their presentation to their audience. Further tasks as group presenters are to:

  • Assign roles to each presenter.
  • Decide who will present each point.
  • Identify how to support the person speaking.
  • Agree on a strategy for dealing with questions.


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