TOEFL iTP | Grammar | Noun and Adjectives Suffixes

WOOHOO! We’re back again with some great stuff today. So, in this podcast, I really want you to understand suffixes and what they modify.  If you understand how articles, nouns, adjectives and adverbs work, this part could be very easy for you. Yes, their are multi-word combinations on some of the questions in TOEFL iTP, but this is also a massive help. So, let’s get into it!

Here are the sentences….some are incorrect. Hear the explanation in the podcast down below! One of the following bold words/phrases is incorrect. Replace it with the correct noun or adjective form of the word given.

1. Peach trees grow good in a variety of soil types, but do best in sandy loan.

2. A chemical react that absorbs heat is called endothermic.

3. Science requires the careful collect and organization of data.

4. In the absent of natural enemies, the gypsy moth has become a serious pest in North America.


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