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Here’s another snippet (follow-up from yesterday) that I recorded.  On the bird nests, there was a lot of information to cover, and unfortunately my student missed out on almost the entire bottom paragraph.  I wish I had recorded the ensuing tests because she did remarkable after the first couple, especially in number 2.  Nonetheless, here we go!

When we think of bird nests, we typically imagine a simple cup-like shape made of twigs and branches, nestled in the crook of a tree. While many birds do craft nests like this, other birds create different kinds. Some birds craft elaborate nests for their young, while others simply lay their eggs directly on the ground. Today we will be talking about two types of bird nests: ground nests and burrow nests.

Many birds do not build traditional nests at all, but rather create a small depression in the ground or in leaf litter in which they lay their eggs. These nests are referred to as ground nests or scrape nests. Many shorebirds and some vultures build this type of nest. Other birds, like some species of raptors and owls, also nest on the ground, but they do not create a depression. These birds just seek out a secluded place and lay their eggs directly on the ground.

If you want an example, make sure you tune into the podcast down below!


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