Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 53 | Listening | Scenarios Part II

Welcome back to the second part of the listening (which you heard yesterday), and more importantly, HAPPY NEW YEARS! That was an exceptionally fiery way to close out the New Year by giving you guys as much material as possible. So many new things that will be approaching this year and will give you a rundown soon! Until then, enjoy this follow up!

Listen to the podcast down below and listen to the lecture before numbering the below ideas 1-10 in the order they are presented.

  1. We need to examine our natural desire to continue.
  2. This is a natural, though often wrong, thing to do.
  3. Many in the business world advise giving up on the situation.
  4. Very large systems can be very difficult to change.
  5. We feel we tried hard int he past and shouldn’t waste this effort.
  6. People often don’t want to change or don’t see the need.
  7. Music, smells, old friends, and bad moods often lead to this feeling.
  8. If companies don’t change, they may become less competitive.
  9. This feeling creates changes in the brain.
  10. The most important thing to focus on is the end result.


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