70,000 plays for my ESL Podcast. THANK YOU!

Wow! Not to be negative, but Buzzsprout did screw me over on this. Not only did they give me false hope when I got 2,000 plays in a day, but then they took away the plays and completely stalled the consistent climb to stardom. Pretty disappointed in that.

But other than that, this is another wonderful and monumental moment. I’ve gotten a lot of attention over the last year and a half, and after a passing of the torch (past my personal development podcast play count in less than half the time) I’m now making a steady climb to the 100k club. WOW! 100k plays or downloads!

How grateful would I be! However, today is just about being grateful for the now, the present, and who I’ve influenced around the world.

Big News! Pronunciation Course Debuting This Week!

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing a blog and link to that. I’m absolutely ecstatic about having created my first ever course that will be ready within a couple days. This is Phase 1/5, with the other 4 phases coming out over the course. If you’re interested, just contact me in the links down below.

Ebook Following Suit

After doing my my course, I want to quickly shift focus back to my TOEIC grammar ebook and make it available to the public. Both of those will be available here on my website, too.

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