Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 58 | Critical Thinking | Identifying Bias

Bias is an attitude that someone has that makes them treat someone in a way that is unfair or different. it is also when someone prefers a thing or idea in a way that is unfair. People can show their bias in a number of ways, such as selecting arguments from only one side, showing preference for one side despite strong evidence on the other, or allowing other influences on their life to affect their judgement. This will often be shown via language that makes an argument sound more or less important than it is.

Look at the responses down below. How is each writer showing bias?

  1. Earthquakes, water contamination, global warming, and damaging ecosystems show that the damage caused by fracking clearly outweighs any possible benefits.
  2. Our research shows that there are very few dangers associated with fracking.
  3. Clearly, fracking is only being pushed aggressively forward due to the vast profits dubious corporate associations can get from exploiting the fragile environment.

Fracking meaning: a technique used to extract oil and natural gas from sedimentary rock formations called shale.


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