Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 59 | Developing Writing | A Process

Today, you are going to learn about transitive and intransitive verbs, and writing definitions. You will then use these to write a description of how hydroelectricity is produced.


Geothermal energy is a clean form of renewable energy that used heat stored within the Earth’s crust to generate electricity. There are three different types of geothermal power plant: dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle. The diagram above shows a flash steam power plant — the most predominant form of geothermal power plant in operation. Flash steam power plants pump hot water from underground reservoirs back to the surface under intense pressure. The water is fed into large low-pressure tanks, generating steam which is used to rotate a turbine. A turbine is an engine or machine that uses a pressure of liquid or gas on a wheel to move.

The movement of this turbine is then converted into a source of electricity via a generator. The electricity is then directed via transmission lines to homes and businesses around the country. Any remaining water is pumped to a cooling station and then injected back into the reservoir to be heated again. This reuse of water makes geothermal energy a sustainable form of energy.

Skillful 4

The breakdown of this writing model is in the podcast down below.


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