Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 62 | Speaking Skill | Referring to Other Speakers

When we present ideas as a group, we can use our knowledge of what the other speakers are going to say or have said. Referring forward and backward helps to make links clear for the audience.

X will explain more about….. This will be picked up by……

As x has already said…. As already highlighted by X…..

Picking up on what X said….

As x said earlier, ….. what our previous speakers were describing.

Coming back to X’s point.

As well as using references to make connections for the audience, presenters can refer to other speakers for support.

Perhaps X would like to come in here.

This isn’t really my area. X, you’ve looked into this more.

I’ll hand this question over to X, who……

Listen and make a note of the phrases used to refer to other speakers. Click the podcast down below.

  1. The practical aspects of this _________ by Dr. Hossam.
  2. And then we can use this understanding in the field of behavioral sciences, which Dr. Hossam _______________
  3. On the surface, it may not seem to have much to do with __________________.
  4. This sunk-cost fallacy does seem to be an inherited instinct, similar to nostalgia, _______________ Professor Simpson.
  5. Now, the connection to Professor Simpson’s area should be becoming evident…_______________, nostalgia is a neurological phenomenon _____.
  6. And _____________ Dr. Hossam, the sunk-cost fallacy is a factor in any decision _____.


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