Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 63 | Pronunciation for Speaking | Preparing & Rehearsing Talking Points

Effective pronunciation ensures your audience can engage with your ideas, not so much big words (which would have your audience lost, based on the setting). Focus on the key features to make your delivery successful:

  1. Make sure you are very confident with the pronunciation of key terms and names. Correct word stress is important for the audience to understand multi-syllable words.
  2. Use sentence stress to highlight the key points, emphasizing the main syllables in these words.
  3. Insert short pauses between groups of words and longer pauses between sentences.
  4. Indicate when a point is finished by using falling intonation.

Use these strategies.

  • Mark these four pronunciation features on your presentation script.
  • Practice several times.
  • Record yourself and analyze your performance.

The three of us | presenting our solutions today | all come | from different backgrounds | in relation | to the problem. || This ought to provide | a broader perspective | on the issue | and some more innovative solutions. ||

SKillful 4

Listen to the podcast down below and mark the sentence stress, pauses, and intonation on the extracts from the Speaking model.

  1. Coming back to Hana’s point about the cost of making these changes, we need to think about how much this will be passed on to students.
  2. The problems can be solved. As both Hana and Ella have said, change is difficult, and people don’t like it at first.

Mark the pronunciation features on the extracts form the speaking model.

  1. First, I’m going to outline the basic issue, along with the main problems | identified.
  2. Supposing fees were dramatically increased? How many students would still apply to come here?
  3. However, as long as it is managed effectively, everyone can benefit in the final outcome — the management, the teachers, and current and future students.


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