Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 66 | Listening | Smart Cities

In today’s podcast, i’m going to speak about which cities I’ve lived in, in the past five years, have changed, as well as a few other things that revolve around technology. Then, you’re going to listen to two students discussing a presentation

  1. Laure and Ben agree that talking lampposts are…..
  • an outdated idea from an early Smart City.
  • Evidence that all Smart Cities are basically similar.
  • On example of how Smart Cities should function.
  • Interesting but will never be popular.

2. Ben says the most important consequence of smart parking will be….

  • a reduction in levels of pollution in many cities.
  • more commuters traveling in private cars.
  • the fact that city residence feel less stressed.
  • a drop in fuel prices for citizens.

3. What is the students’ attitude to sensors in new building materials?

  • relief that construction projects will become cheaper.
  • concern about the implications for individual privacy.
  • doubt regarding the safety of future constructions
  • confusion about how the sensors will workk.

4. When Lura talks about digital signage she says that….

  • all signs will be connected to the internet.
  • signs will be able to advertise numerous different products.
  • advertisers will know how many people they are reaching.
  • customers will be able to buy directly from advertisements.

5. What surprises the students when they talk about criminals?

  • how quickly criminal activity will be controlled in future
  • how films tend to exaggerate the dangers of hacking
  • how old-fashioned cyber security is in some cities
  • how dependent on technology the police will become

6. What conclusion do the students reach about Cyber City?

  • they are disappointed that so few people play the game.
  • they are impressed by the level of detail in the game.
  • they are confused about how such a game is beneficial.
  • they are surprised that only design companies can play the game.


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