TOEFL iTP | 1 on 1 Coaching | Listening Part B | The Woods

Here goes another listening! This is Part B. This is slightly easier because it’s a discussion between two people rather than just a lecture (Part C). Nonetheless, here are the questions down below, but make sure you tune into the podcast for the audio and to answer the questions!

  • Doctor and nurse.
  • Librarian and library patron.
  • Forest ranger and hiker.
  • Nurse and patient.
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • And allergy to animals
  • a reaction to toxic chemicals
  • An allergy to food
  • Contact with a noxious plant.
  • Look at photographs in the library.
  • Take a drug that prevents rashes.
  • Avoid certain foods.
  • Stay out of the woods.


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