Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 69 | Reading | The Global Financial Crisis of 2008

And here’s the big one! In my podcast down below, you’re going to here an article first on the 2008 financial crisis (plus the build-up). Then, some little snippets from the movie The Big Short. Longggg podcast, but truly mesmerizing.

You’re going to listen to (in the podcast) the Credit Crunch. I would like you to match the ideas (a-f) to the paragraphs (1-6) that the information an be found in.

a. A surprising bankruptcy despite government intervention ___

b. The effects of interest rates on banks and property owners ___

c Examples of proposed changes to the banking system ___

d Institutions that the author believes helped to create the financial crisis ___

e The impact of the financial crisis on a manufacturing industry ___

f The first signs that banks were in trouble


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